Calendar of Events


  • Week One: “Yellow” Screwdriver, Tape Measure, Level, April 16th-April 20th
    • Screwdriver (Drugs): “Don’t screw with your future.”
    • Tape Measure (Education): “Measure up to your full potential.”
    • Level (Health and Wellness): “Level out your life.”
  • Week Two: “Orange” Hammer, Hacksaw, Wrench, April 23rd-April 27th
    • Hammer (Abuse and Bullying): “Don’t be hammered by others.”
    • Hacksaw (Gangs and Violence): “Cut the violence, build friendships.”
    • Wrench (Prejudice): “Tighten equality.”
  • Week Three: “Blue” Drill and Flashlight, April 30th-May 4th
    • Drill (Depression and Suicide): “Drill out depression.”
    • Flashlight (Family and Peers): “Don’t turn the lights out on your friends.”
  • Week Four: “Red” Paintbrush and toolbox, May 7th-May 10th
    • Paintbrush (Rights and Responsibilities): “Keep it on the easel, not on our school.”
    • Toolbox (Unity ): “We are all held in one world that we must share.”
  • May 10th– Step by Step Walk